On the stage there will be graduates who walked the corridors of Bydgoszcz School of Drums in the past decades. They have spread magnitude of drums literature not only on all stages which gave them opportunity to do so. They do it all the time. In the past they could be met in the streets of Bydgoszcz, marching proudly with prototypes of drum instruments very often made by their teachers who had been pioneers passionate about music and teaching. Joint meeting of us all tossed by musical fate to different bands, orchestras, music genres, countries and continents ensures us that a drummer is someone extremely important and Bydgoszcz is shining bright with the drums.

The concert apart from its purely artistic nature shall also be a summary of 3 days of International Drums Forum which was reactivated during last year edition of DF festival.

What John H. Beck had started was resumed due to tremendous engagement of Bydgszcz drums society of the middle 80's.

For John Beck himself it is a possibility to meet Bydgoszcz drummers and admirers of musical art in our city, the level of which he has always appreciated and does so today.

During numerous artistic-teaching meetings this leader of world drums school remembers Bydgoszcz as a centre of shaping excellent drummers. It is definitely owed to the pioneers of Bydgoszcz School of Drums and those who now constantly train new "genetic material" of the drums in our city.

Bernard Lewański, Jerzy Zgodziński, Edward Iwicki, Mirosław Żyta are those whose passion, talent and persistence let the upbringing of so many graduates who praise music, drums, and Bydgoszcz.



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85-055 Bydgoszcz


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